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The Wicked:Free Watching Video 4K

On a dangerous dare, a group of teenagers investigate the local lore of a flesh-eating immortal witch living deep in the woods.
A teen looks to impress some girls by sneaking into the woods to find a house where a witch is said to live. He and his companions find out the hard way that the legend of the child-eating witch is true and she is back and on the hunt.
Budget: 1.2 million USD


Confessions of a Time Traveler: The Man From 3036:  movie free watching (4K)      

Amanclaimingtobefromthefutureexplains what we can expect from the next decades, in a frightening glimpse of what’s to come A self-proclaimed time traveler from the year 3036 tells his story and paints a terrifying picture of what the future looks like for mankind. Director: Nostradamus Brothers Screenplay: Nostradamus Brothers Producer: Nostradamus Brothers Release Date(Streaming):Dec10,2020 













Plug Love: movie free watching (4K)

👉Plug Love (2017) - IMDb

After a woman ends her unfaithful relationship, she discovers the value of true love in a world that often prioritizes material wealth. Plug Love (2017)When a woman realizes that being cheated on is not worth having the finer things in life, she stumbles upon the true definition of love. Director:.Director: Derek ScottProduction Co: Mula Films, Ucult StudiosRelease Date: 17 July 2017 (USA)Stars: Murda Pain, Lance Whittighton, Sino.