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Majority of Portlanders feel police presence should increase or remain the same after year of protests: report 

he majority of Portland residents feel that police presence in the Oregon city should increase or remain the same, according to researched obtained by Oregon Live/The Oregonian. DHM Research surveyed 600 Portland metro area residents from April 30 to May 6 of this year and asked a variety of questions, including: "Thinking about the city of Portland broadly — not just downtown —do you think that the police presence should increase, stay at current levels, or decrease?" The answers were broken down by whether the respondents lived in the city of Portland or the overall Portland metro area, and also by whether they felt that police presence should increase, decrease, stay at its current level or "don’t know," according to Oregon Live/The Oregonian. VETERAN WHO WAS HARASSED BY ANTIFA OVER FLAG SAYS RIOTS HAVE BECOME PART OF PORTLAND’S LANDSCAPE Half of all respondents said they felt that Portland’s police presence should increase, while an additional 24% said it should remain the same, the report said. Meanwhile, 42% people who lived in the city of Portland reportedly said it should increase, while 30% said it should "stay at current levels." Out of all respondents, 15% said they felt the police presence should decrease, while 11% said they don’t know, the report said. PORTLAND MAYOR 'GRATEFUL' FOR BIDEN REVERSAL OF TRUMP ORDER THAT SENT FEDERAL AGENTS TO CITY AMID PROTESTS The question’s results had a 5.7% margin of error. Tensions flared in Portland for as many as 100 days straight during the summer of 2020 as protesters called for an end to systemic racism and police brutality in the wake of several high-profile deaths. The unrest has continued in spates throughout the year and often descended into violence and destruction. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP When asked whether respondents felt downtown Portland – where protests and riots have frequently broken out over the past year – "is more or less safe than it was 12 months ago," 42% said it was "much less safe." Of the remaining responses, 27% of people said it was "about the same," 21% said it was "somewhat less safe,"4% said it was "somewhat safer," 4% said they don’t know and 2% said it was "much safer," the report says.



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